Being without immediate access to your iPad, iPhone Apple Mac or iPod is totally inconvenient, so when you need to get a repair for your broken headphone jack, mic or damaged screen, you need a quick turnaround. Personal experience of the irritating delays involved in seeking out reliable repairers for Apple devices prompted us to cut through it all and establish – the foremost UK location-based Apple device repair service that can quickly connect you to the nearest Gadget world .

The walk-in service enables the repair or upgrade to be done while you wait in the repair centre, and most repairs are achievable within an hour of handing your Apple device over. The call-out service means an Technician will meet you at your workplace or home to complete your repair , and this service is available in future. In the heart of Chorley repair centre is open Monday to Sunday .

The gadget world are multi-skilled, and it’s no exaggeration when we say that there isn’t an iPad, iPhone, Mac or iPod repair that they won’t have seen and performed countless times previously, although the repairs they perform most frequently include cracked screens, replacement LCDs, repair and replacement of faulty headphone and earphone jacks, microphone repairs, repairs to charging ports and replacement batteries. We are upgrade software and arrange to unlock Apple devices.

The materials and parts used by the repair centres are the highest quality, ensuring that the repairs are long-lasting and reliable, and the technician provide total commitment to customer care and quality, at prices you can afford.